Hi Ralph,

Filter arrived yesterday. A very beautifully built product, thank you.

It made an immediate difference. I have multiple paging transmitters very nearby in the 150 MHz range, and a bunch of TV/FM broadcasters just a few miles away. Between just plain noise and desense, it made 2M weak signal work tricky.

I've attached an image of the "before and after" spectra. You can see the paging signals go from the loudest thing around to no problem. When I swing the beam past the broadcasters, I still get a couple of dB noise increase, but not a couple of S-units!

For reference, I use a beacon in Salt Lake City, about 300-ish miles away. Without the filter, I can tell it's there on my waterfall, and occasionally hear the full-power transmission. With the filter, had almost solid copy. Big improvement!

Working like a champ. Thanks so much.

George KF2T

Filter Graph #1

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